Simple, transparent service pricing
We have a flexible approach to tariffs, so we will find the best value for your solution.
per month
Powerful builder
API integration
Fast engine
Machine learning
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Unified agent panel
Cross-channel queue
Loaded customer profile
Agent hints from AI
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Flexible scripts
It's time to give up SMS and phone calls
Integrate our multi-channel API in minutes and reach customers via instant messengers, push notifications, voice messages, social networks and other channels of communication. Read more about message transport.
Price of 1 contact
$0.01 - 0.02
to all messengers
$0.03 - 0.05
depends on the carrier
depends on the duration
Audience coverage on the first try
to all messengers
during which the message has been read
so many customers respond to the first call
An option to consult customers by a bot
Customer consulting by an operator
Message content
content types
only text
only voice
User experience
How to connect a mass mailing to messengers on the site?
Installation of Flomni takes a few minutes. It is enough to add 2 lines of code: one to the site template, and the other to the place, where the list of messengers is to be displayed (for example, an order confirmation page)
What is the percentage of customers, who will choose a messenger as a communication channel?
The standard online store's conversion rate is from 70% to 80%, depending on the product category.
What will happen to customers, who do not have messengers?
When sending messages, Flomni will check for the availability of a messenger and notify you if it is not available. Such customers will receive information by traditional channels – by an SMS or a call from a manager.
Is it possible to transfer the accumulated customer base into messengers?
Yes, Flomni will request permission to send messages from your customers and, after receiving their consent, you will be able to send messages to them.
Is my customer base protected?
In messengers, messages are sent under an individual identifier, sending under which is possible only on your behalf. Unlike SMS, you do not have to give us your phone number or email address.
They trust us
Your business is enterprise
Write a request to our sales and we will show you how you may use unlimited messages, enhanced API and how to integrate our services into your IT infrastructure.
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