Voice bot
An intelligent voice assistant with speech synthesis and speech recognition adapted to your business
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Outgoing call automation
Primary contact on incoming call
Service on the incoming IVR line, automation of typical service branches
Timely call forwarding to a live operator
What tasks does it solve?
Automation of routine processes
Delivery coordination, customer service quality control, notification of a change in the status of an order, and other typical outgoing calls can be automated with the help of rob-calls. A primary contact for incoming calls will also take on a voice bot.
Reducing customer service costs
Transferring a specific task pool to a well-trained voice bot and automating part of the processes in the call center operation allows you to review and optimize customer service costs.
Improving customer service
When automating the work of the contact center, its employees will be able to focus on more complex tasks that require the intervention of living operators. Detailed immersion in the client's problem contributes to the improvement of customer service. Also, the increase in customer loyalty is also influenced by modern technologies used by the company. Such as voice bots.
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Emails from public email providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo! aren't accepted. Please use a corporate email.
How voice bot works?
Voice answers to customer questions
The synthesis of all calls is instantaneous, after which the voice bot models and reproduces the answer. In this case, the message may contain individual data - name, location, etc.
Conversation analysis
The voice bot conducts a semantic analysis of conversational texts and voice replicas based on speech patterns adapted to the industry and a specific customer. Determining the subject of the request, which is addressed by the client, the bot extracts the necessary information from the spoken language. In addition, the bot is able to translate speech into transcript form.
Productive collaboration
The operator or supervisor of the contact center can moderate the answer of the bot, thereby increasing the accuracy of the system. The trained model is used for more accurate answers and quick tips to operators.
Consistent dialogue
In the bot designer, you can customize how the voice assistant works so that it can construct complex non-linear scenarios, providing data collection and reaction to them.
Multilingual communication
The platform supports two languages ​​of communication - Russian and English.
Transparent reporting
Statistics on the operation of the platform is always available in the personal account of the service. This allows you to appreciate the importance of integrating a voice bot into your business to the full.
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