Multi-user interface for communication in all messengers with clients, differs from other similar solutions by the flexibility of the UI and deep integration with customer's systems
Reception and distribution of messages from instant messengers among employees
Messages from various communication channels in one window
Support for messages of different formats: with buttons, photos, video, audio, locations, contacts, etc
Sending answers to any instant messengers
Customer service and technical support in instant messengers
What tasks does it solve?
Convenience of working with appeals
The multi-user web-interface allows receiving and distributing messages from instant messengers among contact center employees.
Reducing duration for response
Messages from all connected communication channels are collected in one dialog box. The operator does not need to switch from one chat to another, which will increase the speed of responses to customers several times.
Answers will be visible and accurate
Eight types of media content (text, buttons, photos, video, audio, contacts, location and files) allow customers to provide the most accurate and appropriate response to any request.
Increase customer loyalty
Clients often seek help or advice, as they have the opportunity to choose the most convenient communication channel for them. The increased response rate also has a positive effect on customer loyalty.
How dialogue works?
Responding live operators
Being in contact with a live operator, the client can form complex queries and quickly solve the most difficult tasks.
All messages in one window
Messages from all communication channels are collected in one window. The client chooses the most convenient communication channel for him: instant messenger, social networks, chat on a website or a mobile application; and sends a request to the contact center. The operator does not need to switch between multiple communication channels - all calls are collected in a single dialog box.
Knowledge base accumulation
Chatbot is constantly learning methods of machine learning. With each new message, he learns to better understand text messages and refines his answers. At the same time, you can be 100% sure that any customer request will be satisfied - if the chatbot needs help, he will redirect to the live operator.
Transparent reporting
All metrics on the work of operators and chatbots can always be viewed in the personal account of the service. The number of messages processed, the number of stay in certain statuses, the average response time, etc.
Bring your customer’s conversation automated
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Dialogue basic solution
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Omnichannel service
You do not need to customize the work of the service - you get the finished product, adapted to the peculiarity of your business.
Ready online chat widget with extensive customization capabilities and integrated instant messengers
Dialogues - multi-user interface for contact center operators, allowing to process requests from different communication channels
Bot-Secretary - dispatching requests depending on the subject of the request
Detailed statistics on appeals and operator performance
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