Chatbot service
Bot platform allows you to automate customer service. Chatbots will take over the processing of typical requests from customers and at the right time will escalate the live operators.
Emails from public email providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo! aren't accepted. Please use a corporate email.
Handles messages within a given algorithm
Learned by machine learning and NLP
Receives data from other IT systems and uses them for customized responses
At the right time passes the call to the contact center
What tasks does it solve?
Unloading contact center
Chatbots will help to unload the contact center, taking on the primary appeal of the client. The answers of a well-trained chatbot are difficult to distinguish from messages sent by humans.
Budget optimization
Introducing chatbots to your business will reduce the cost of customer service, since most of the incoming calls can be solved without the involvement of live operators. In this case, the bot is ready to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Increase customer loyalty
Receiving information from the accumulated knowledge base, chatbot communication with the client is personalized and unobtrusive. Customers receive only the necessary and necessary information for them in the shortest possible time.
How chatbot works?
One chatbot for all communication channels
The Flomni service allows you to connect a chatbot to a variety of communication channels: instant messengers, chat on the website, mobile application or social networks. There is no need to set up a chatbot every time - it’s enough to do it once, and the Flomni platform itself integrates a ready-to-work chatbot into all the communication channels you need.
Use existing data to personalize communication
To improve chatbots, it is possible to connect third-party services and corporate systems to the bot platform. Thus, the chatbot, receiving data from external IT systems, will be able to use them for individualized answers - he knows the name of the client, when his birthday is and what his favorite color is.
Continuous learning
Chatbot is constantly learning methods of machine learning. With each new message, he learns to better understand text messages and refines his answers. At the same time, you can be 100% sure that any customer request will be satisfied - if the chatbot needs help, he will redirect to the live operator.
Transparent reporting
You will have the opportunity to fully appreciate the importance of introducing chatbots - statistics on the work of the bot platform gives an understanding of how customers interact with bots. This demonstrates the complete picture for making the right decisions to provide a high-class customer service and optimize the budget for customer service.
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Emails from public email providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo! aren't accepted. Please use a corporate email.
Chatbot user cases
Basic solution
We provide you the package "support orders" with customized services
Bots designer
You independently configure the work of the chatbot to the needs of your business.
Ready-to-go widget for installation in the order basket
API for installing a custom widget
Bot-platform managed by the visual designer
Multi-user operator interface for 10 operators
Ready statistics and analytics on order processing
Without the involvement of programmers to design scenarios for automated service requests
Connect third-party services and corporate systems to the work of the bot
Generate responses based on previously obtained customer data
Generate answers using various message formats: text, audio, video, photo, file, location, contact, template with buttons
Collect and analyze statistics on the use of algorithm branches
Configure redirection of calls to live operators at any stage of the client's communication with the bot
Place a developed bot in all communication channels connected to Flomni, including 5 messengers and a web messenger for the site
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